Patient.. patient!

  I can’t wait for 2 June to come. It may be become the most important event in my life, next to my birth, of course. Im regretful that i cannot tell you what it is exactly, and i should put what i think about little things here, but i just can’t hold my fingers from typing these.

  I am so happy, and a bit impatient. I wish that day could come in a flash. 


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Thunders can kill people, or burn them to death. My home has a roof, shaped liked a big dome, so when a thunder came it sounds 10 times louder and scarier.. 
  As i grew up, there are less thunders these years. But maybe, the real thunder has came. It’s hatred. Usually people like a priest would say : It is the most powerful weapon to kill, or so.. but i thought to myself.

   “Hatred don’t kill. It is the reason why humans would kill one another”

  They said to defeat a demon, you have to become a demon yourself. From Internet, i found out dozens of hundreds of the motive to kill is caused by either : Hatred, or revenge. But neither of these two kills. The one that kills, is first, words. Words are the very tip of the most tall branch, and the very end of the roots.. of a tree named Hatred. Maybe she snatch your boyfriend.. of course, you will know it from words. It doesn’t matter from which mouth it came, but the words itself.. is a demon of the demons.

  BUT, as i came to think again, “Doesn’t it suit better to be a reason to Kill as well as Hatred and Revenge?”

  No.. it is not. Words can kill, did you know that? A mother kill herself because her son says that he doesn’t wish to be born by her. Words killed her. Words bring desperate.
  But by this time, it is the only chain that connects human, and another human. However i think, and no matter how hard i tried, i can’t find other ways to communicate as direct as words. Body language can tell you, but naturally they came from words, aren’t they? Sign languages came from words. That’s why i never, ever and ever agree with a person that believe words is not needed for people to communicate. Words is everything.  

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“Hey.. do you know her secret? You see..”

This particular sentence is usually used to open a secret. Maybe you’re his best friend. He’s popular, he reveals his secret! People in school is intrigued by the fact that they will be 15 minutes God-like popular if they know some guy’s secret. More seconds if you know the secret of the most popular student.
Hunting secrets have been very popular among my classmates. Or, schoolmates. Anything will do, as long as it is a secret to either the Top Ten Most-Popular Student. Like maybe she got an Insane sister, or he got a desperate crush on nerdy girl.. something– something that amaze people. They’re not as cool as the rumor says.
I wonder why people just love to gossip. What they know, sometimes, is not a reality. Maybe for a minute popularity, they’d make up stories. Is popularity more precious than their dignity?

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My Sister

I always felt jealous for her, i really do.

Being the last child in the family made me, surely, the most spoiled brat. Well, even though i didn’t. Everyone got least affection. Parents are busy, and you are expected to do everything on your own. But i’m pretty much the Home Guardian.

But, i am jealous to my big sister. She’s living outside the country, and my mom always says to me : “If your sister is here she would do blabla better than you”

So when she says she felt jealous for me.. then it should be in my dream. She’d never feel so. She has more friends than i do. She also has more boyfriends and popularity than i do. So, as i said, it would be inside my fantasy world if she says she is jealous for me.. Isnt it? She has everything that i don’t have. She’s beautiful, people would BEG to befriend her.. everything, you know? It would be the other way around if i am the case…

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A Butterfly

Today, i woke up on 11 Am, which is considerably faster than any other days in my other days of holiday. I wanted to brush my teeth, when i spot a yellow butterfly, outside of the window. I wondered why do they called them as ‘Butterfly’ in English. You see, if you take butter from the sentence, it will became a ‘fly’. The same as mosquito (?) Do they have butter on them? Or, would it just resemblance the flower of Buttercup?

A Butterfly is also beautiful. They are in the insects family, and the only kind that been considered as beautiful. Would you take frogs and grasshoppers as the same beautiful? I guess..not at all. (I hate frogs and toads!)

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I loved to read books. I really do.
But lately a lot of people says to me, “Blabla is a better teacher than books”. You can either replace blabla as Experience, real person, teacher, or boyfriend. Oh no, take the last out of the chart.

For years, my motto is : “Without books, humans would lost 80% of the meaning of a happy life”. Up until now, i still agree with that. But the public seems not. Books teach a lot to me, more than a real person. Writings gave me a lot of nice stories, not like a person in reality. The smell of new books and old books are definitely interesting. The cover, the writings, HOW it being written, which side that the author express from their writings, the smell.. everything. I loved everything, every single detail of it. Nowadays pictures and videos reveal more.

I don’t thinks so.

It is because a lot of people cannot comprehend the real appeal beyond the book. The reality. Even from a fiction story you can get a lesson. Like how the author thinks ‘aliens’ or such look likes. But of course you can learn a lot better in non-fiction ones. Books are my world. It’s not the window of the world like everyone says, it is a replica of the world. I’d say it is the world, but books haven’t got in that level yet. I don’t think it would, since people start to leave books behind and welcome their videos and gadgets. But.. no one can blame them. No one, indeed can.

I can only ‘hope’ people won’t forget the books that have helped the humans to this age.

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Why Are Flowers Called Beautiful

  I always thought to myself, why do flowers are beautiful? My mom said back then, because so they are. They are born beautiful. “And born to beautifully wither?” i thought for it years ago. Somehow, i don’t agree that flowers are born beautiful. If they can choose, i bet they wont choose to be beautiful but unspeakable than being ugly but can do anything they want. Why should you be so fragile and beautiful? If you pull them with just two fingers, they’ll be cut off from their little branch. And die.

  When i saw a florist these days, i have to hold myself from asking.

   “Do you realize what are you selling is a dead thing?”

   “Don’t you feel guilty ripping of their fragile life?”

  Yes, they’re beautiful.. but they are as fragile as a cotton.

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